What is Digital Construction Week?

Digital Construction Week is the only event series in the UK dedicated to digital construction, engineering, design, manufacturing and operation.

We believe that the technologies, tools and processes now available to the industry have the power to change the future of the built environment, and the world we live in like never before. Our aim is to help the industry explore its potential and understand how best to adopt and implement these new technologies, tools and processes to improve profitability and efficiency, and create a smarter and more diverse industry.

DCW 2020 will feature a two-day exhibition of the latest construction technologies from some of the biggest tech and construction companies changing the face of the sector. With interactive hands on demonstrations, free to attend seminars, workshops, classes and networking events, and a pay to attend, exclusive leadership conference – there is certainly set to be technology, products, talks and events that will be of benefit to you and your company.

Setting out the AECO landscape…




The construction industry contributes 8% of UK GDP



600,000 workers need to be re-skilled by 2040 to ensure they are across the ever evolving technologies that are being used in construction, design, engineering and operation



Government has committed up to £170m match funded by £250m from industry, to support uptake and integration of technology into the industry



£600 billion is the Government's 2018 UK Projected pipeline for the next decade

How is DCW helping support the digitisation of AECO industries?

By bringing together a melting pot of leading tech companies, AECO industry leaders and innovators and providing a platform for learning, discovery and networking to inspire continued innovation, new ideas and thought sharing across the entire AECO industry. The event is open to all, with the expo and theatres being free to attend. 





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