• Digital Construction Week 2019: Visitor registration open & seminars announced

    23 Jul 2019 Grace Donnelly, PR Executive, Digital Construction Week
    Taking place on 16-17 October at London ExCeL, the event dedicated to digital construction, engineering, design, manufacturing and operation is a “must-attend” for those wanting to get a first look at ...
  • Digital Construction Week acquired by Diversified Communications

    03 Dec 2018 Diversified Communications UK
    Digital Construction Week (DCW), which has grown rapidly since its launch event in 2015, has become known for its comprehensive, high-quality seminar and conference programme and for the seniority of ...
  • Digital Construction Week reveals ambitious plans for 2018

    15 Feb 2018 Ollie Hughes, co-founder & Director, Digital Construction Week
    2017 was considered by many as the year Digital Construction Week ‘came of age’. Now, as they plan for the 2018 instalment, the show organisers look to build on this success by providing additional co ...
  • Guest blog: “An Uneducated Client” … What an offensive term!

    04 Apr 2018 Mark Turner, BIM Manager, AEW Architects & Designers Ltd (Twitter: @markturnerBIM, @AEWarchitects)
    These phrases cut through me. The underlying theme is one of satisfaction in doing an average job. There are many reasons why an organisation or individual may be struggling to adopt modern digital me ...
  • Guest blog: 5 ways to avoid drowning in a deluge of data

    02 Jul 2018 Rob Kalocay – Product Manager, Graphisoft UK (Twitter: @GraphisoftUK )
    Before you disagree, just think about what’s in your attic, garage or cupboards at home. Whenever I ask the same innocent question of my family and friends, I get a gaze full of horror or utter resign ...
  • Being a sector that produces huge turnover and wealth for the country, public institutions are paying close attention to the digital transformation in construction. A section of the construction strat ...
  • Guest blog: Augmented Insights on the Job Site of the (Near) Future

    15 May 2018 Shawn Adamek - Chief Strategy Officer, Umbra (Twitter: @umbra3d)
    But before we all dive head first into the Augmented Reality deep end, you should be assessing what this new technology really means for your design and construction business. What should your company ...
  • Guest blog: Blockchain in Construction: Hype vs. Reality

    06 Apr 2018 Dr. Simon McCabe, Chief Technology Officer, Basestone (Twitter: @Basestone)
    At that time we speculated about blockchain in construction and we were sceptical. Not because of the lack of potential of the technology but because we saw the challenges in the industry as much more ...
  • Guest blog: Data is the New Oil

    13 Mar 2018 Ahmed Zghari-Sales BSc(Hons) MRICS, Chairman, Construction Smart Contracts Committee; Co-founder of the Helium Blockchain Association
    How can invisible bits of data be worth more than the black stuff that hits our pockets each time we fill up our cars? The central piece of the commentary argued that data will become so fundamental t ...





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