• Guest blog: Augmented Insights on the Job Site of the (Near) Future

    15 May 2018 Shawn Adamek - Chief Strategy Officer, Umbra (Twitter: @umbra3d)
    But before we all dive head first into the Augmented Reality deep end, you should be assessing what this new technology really means for your design and construction business. What should your company ...
  • Guest blog: Blockchain in Construction: Hype vs. Reality

    06 Apr 2018 Dr. Simon McCabe, Chief Technology Officer, Basestone (Twitter: @Basestone)
    At that time we speculated about blockchain in construction and we were sceptical. Not because of the lack of potential of the technology but because we saw the challenges in the industry as much more ...
  • Guest blog: Data is the New Oil

    13 Mar 2018 Ahmed Zghari-Sales BSc(Hons) MRICS, Chairman, Construction Smart Contracts Committee; Co-founder of the Helium Blockchain Association
    How can invisible bits of data be worth more than the black stuff that hits our pockets each time we fill up our cars? The central piece of the commentary argued that data will become so fundamental t ...
  • Guest blog: Digitisation: How advancements will deliver circularity in construction

    18 Apr 2018 Paul Surin, Head of Digital Built Environment, Wienerberger (Twitter: @PaulSurin)
    Today, the construction industry is beginning to take charge and incorporate digitisation methods to address the many industry-specific challenges we are currently facing. In doing so, the industry is ...
  • The question is how do we stay calm and carry on without panicking that robots or artificial intelligence will take over! As much as robotics are transforming industries, there is little to say about ...
  • Whether we’re inefficient or the most efficient and well-oiled machine in the world unless we’re effective then it really doesn’t matter.  Efficiency without effectiveness is like setting off in a V12 ...
  • Guest blog: Get Digital. Get Mobile. Get Productive.

    11 May 2018 Mary Bon - Content Marketing Manager, Script&Go (Twitter: @_marybon, @ScriptandGo_EN)
    Get Digital. What do we mean by ‘get digital’? *Digitisation is the conversion of manual, analogue (graphical or non-graphical) information and data to a digital format – rendering business processes ...
  • Guest blog: Getting the most out of on site CCTV

    07 May 2018 Marco Herbst - CEO, Evercam (Twitter: @marcoherbst, @evrcm)
    Project Management Good project management means good communication. Getting the necessary information to the right people at the right time. The old saying goes “a picture is a thousand words” - so w ...
  • Guest blog: How can BIM be a Catalyst for intelligent monitoring of Health Care Facilities in Britain? The Dichotomy of Digital vs Operational Model

    04 Jul 2018 Ghasson Shabha - Senior Lecturer, School of Engineering and the Built Environment, CEBE, Birmingham City University (Twitter: @GhassonS)
    Connected sensing technologies intertwined with technological development in smart sensors technologies to monitor environmental conditions, wearable medical technologies, intelligent building managem ...





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