• Guest blog: Innovation is on the menu at Digital Construction Week

    01 Oct 2019 John Hunt, Senior Advisor & Global Lead - Digital and Construction Services at Enterprise Ireland
    It is not controversial to say that the construction industry has been slow to adopt digital technology into its processes. As a sector, construction invests less on R&D than almost any other. Yet the ...
  • Guest blog: Introducing the BIM Escalator

    02 Mar 2018 Rob Clifton, Digital Engineering Manager, Asite Solutions (Twitter: @robcliftonasite, @asite)
    With such a focal point there is a great deal of confusion and contradiction around everything from understanding BIM, to successfully delivery projects at certain levels of it. With a role that requi ...
  • Guest blog: Is the Active Building Centre the Key to a Sustainable Future?

    07 Aug 2019 Heleana Neil, Copywriter, Innovate UK
    In fact, they haven’t been changed in around 40 years! One of the main problems with this is they’re energy inefficient – which means expensive bills and wasted power. But, things are changing… Is the ...
  • Guest blog: Is the future of measured survey crowdsourced?

    09 May 2018 Robert Klaschka - Head of Digital, SUMO Surveys (@robertklaschka, @sumoservices)
    This has led to a growth in the number of people without a surveying education using devices that would have historically been used only by a trained surveyor. This is possible because processes like ...
  • Guest blog: Keep it simple... a tech providers perspective

    22 Aug 2018 Graeme Forbes, Managing Director, Clearbox
    As business people, we’re all very aware of the saying 'keep it simple... stupid'. However, in a technology business, the core meaning often gets lost as we get swept along by the excitement of innova ...
  • Guest blog: Knowledge engineering (KE) for DfMA: is KBE the stepping stone to DfMA adoption in the AECO Industry?

    06 Mar 2018 Varunkumar Sagarkar, Director - Digital Engineering, Desapex Engineering Consultants LLP (Twitter: @Vsagarkar, @desapex)
    One of the major contributors to this progress is the advancement and availability of suitable technologies which support the concept of concurrent engineering and product life cycle management (PLM). ...
  • Guest blog: LegalFutures Blog Part 1: The Future Will Be 3D Printed

    28 Feb 2018 May Winfield, Senior Solicitor, Carillion (Twitter: @BuildLaw_ArtTea)
    In 2004 Enrico Dini, an Italian from Pontededera, a small town in Tuscany, became obsessed with an idea, which is now set to change the world forever, but which destroyed his own life in the process. ...
  • Guest blog: LegalFutures Blog Part 2: The Legal Frontier of Drones

    08 Mar 2018 May Winfield, Senior Solicitor, Carillion (Twitter: @BuildLaw_ArtTea)
    Drones, or more properly referred to as “unmanned aerial vehicles” (“UAV”) or “unmanned aerial systems (“UAS”), are increasingly making headlines – both in the antics of casual users (who are wont to ...
  • Guest blog: LegalFutures Blog Part 3: Is Artificial Intelligence Coming To Get Us?

    15 Mar 2018 May Winfield, Senior Solicitor, Carillion (Twitter: @BuildLaw_ArtTea)
    AI is closer than you think.  We already encounter AI in our daily life – via our iPhones, Google Home, Alexa… AI recommends the films we watch on Netflix and the songs we listen to on Spotify and it ...





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