• Guest blog: LegalFutures Blog Part 4: BIM – Do The Lawyers Get It?

    22 Mar 2018 May Winfield, Senior Solicitor, Carillion (Twitter: @BuildLaw_ArtTea)
      How did this Report come about?  Over several glasses of wine last summer, Sarah and I discussed the industry perception that lawyers don’t understand BIM, and the potential legal and contractual ra ...
  • Guest blog: Reducing payment delays: Why spreadsheets are not your friend

    10 Oct 2019 Andy Day, Head of Sales at Access Group
    The construction industry has long been maligned for its poor payment practices. Many of the largest contractors are typically taking more than 60 days to pay upwards of 20% of their invoices, with av ...
  • Nevertheless, there is still plenty of room for improvement. Construction stakeholders need to become better at utilising the emerging digital solutions to their full potential. For this to happen, th ...
  • Guest blog: The AI Goldrush: How to make money off Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning!

    03 Oct 2019 Dr Marc Teerlink, SAP, Global Vice President, Intelligent Enterprise Solutions & Artificial Intelligence
    We’re on the verge of the AI Gold Rush. And like the infamous historical gold rush, only a precious few with plans, and backup plans, will become the success stories that panned for gold and struck it ...
  • Guest blog: The Digital Transformation Journey — What is Your Strategy?

    07 Oct 2019 David Ayeni, Strategy and Business Development Director, Bentley Systems
    You’d have to be in Cryogenic Sleep, or completely disconnected from today’s leading Consultancy firms, Social Media, and Digital Marketing Companies’ reach (highly unlikely) to be oblivious of the fo ...
  • Guest blog: The rise of biometric security in the construction of modern buildings

    23 Apr 2018 Jason Choy, Founder, Welcome Gate (Twitter: @JasonChoy, @WelcomeGate)
    Instead, cameras discreetly recognise you, open the security gates automatically and call the lift to take you to your floor. This seamless experience is so unobtrusive that while you know the buildin ...
  • Guest blog: The Road to Digital Twins: Why, What and How

    02 Oct 2019 Richard Saxon CBE, Associate Director, Deploi BIM Strategies Ltd
    Built environment sectors, Property, Construction and Facility/asset management, are approaching digitalisation from disparate viewpoints. They need to look at the whole life cycle of the assets they ...
  • Guest blog: The Shift to BIM: What is next for the Built Environment?

    22 May 2018 Dr Ghasson Shabha, School of Engineering and the Built Environment at Birmingham City University (Twitter: @GhassonS)
    Prima facie BIM is a concept which revolves around centralisation of the information relevant to a particular project information which facilitate greater participation amongst key stakeholders and al ...
  • Guest blog: Too Busy for BIM

    10 May 2018 Joel Martineau - Digital Practice Lead, International, Stantec (Twitter: @jefesquire)
    For this to happen, everybody needs to play their part. Not everyone is as anxious to accept the changes associated with a BIM-enabled workflow. There are several reasons why, but a recurring theme is ...





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