• Guest blog: Two shocking numbers that suggest a construction revolution is needed

    07 Aug 2019 Stuart Maister, Chief Storyteller, Strategic Narrative
    2% was the average net profit made by the top 150 construction companies in the UK last year, according to a report released by Building magazine at a recent event. As a colleague of mine said: you ca ...
  • Guest blog: What did you say? Language and consistency - Speaking the same language as we move into the future.

    18 Jun 2018 Rebecca De Cicco - Director, Digital Node (@Digital_Node, @becdecicco)
    You said what? Working across different regions of the world is one of the biggest challenges I face regarding the way I communicate, train and educate in the BIM and Digital construction space. Every ...
  • Guest blog: What Digital Innovations Are Affecting Customer Service In The Construction Industry?

    29 Jun 2018 Kayleigh Alexandra, content writer - Micro Startups (Twitter: @getmicrostarted)
    And while this is giving rise to efficiency improvements, tighter budgets and more consistent construction work, it’s also affecting customer service, which is a big concern in an industry that functi ...
  • Guest blog: What is Digital Engineering?: The use of Digital Engineering terms, references and processes across the Infrastructure Sector.

    25 Apr 2018 Rebecca De Cicco - Director, Digital Node (Twitter: @becdecicco, @Digital_Node)
    All asset owners will have their own strategy, some using UK BIM terminology while others using terms they consider to be correct in the way we determine our requirements and processes. This is always ...
  • Guest blog: When it comes to data, we need to look behind the curtain

    23 Aug 2019 Gareth Parkes, Company Knowledge Manager, Sir Robert McAlpine
    For some sectors, however, the story is markedly different. Project managers, at present, appear to be confronted with an ever-pumping exhaust plume of data. Overwhelmed teams are unable to capitalise ...
  • Why have whole sections of the built environment been so slow with the take-up of BIM? For me, the problem is the message; that BIM requires a 3D model. This message alienates many, including many sec ...
  • Guest blog: Why issue tracking is about more than clashes

    08 May 2018 Alexine Gordon-Stewart - Content & Community, BIM Track (Twitter: @AlexineGS, @BIMTrack)
    We’re going to look at some of the problems with tackling coordination the traditional way. We’ll also see what else besides clashes can be resolved with a centralized BIM coordination communications ...
  • In pictures: Digital Construction Week 2018

    10 Nov 2018 Grace Donnelly, PR Executive, Digital Construction Week
    You can see more photos from the show over on Flickr here. Digital Construction Week will return to London ExCeL on 16-17 October 2019.
  • Industry Leader Q&A: David Southam, Faro Technologies (2018)

    09 Apr 2018 David Southam - Regional Manager (Europe North), Faro Technologies
    Question 1: Can you tell our readers a little bit about yourself, and your role in the built environment? My name is David Southam, I have been involved in 3d laser scanning and measuring for over 18 ...





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