• Video highlights from Digital Construction Week 2018

    15 Nov 2019 Grace Donnelly, PR Executive, Digital Construction Week
    Hundreds of people descended on ExCeL London last month on 17-18 October for two days of innovation and technology at Digital Construction Week 2018. In case you missed it – or to recap – here’s some ...
  • In pictures: Digital Construction Week 2018

    10 Nov 2018 Grace Donnelly, PR Executive, Digital Construction Week
    You can see more photos from the show over on Flickr here. Digital Construction Week will return to London ExCeL on 16-17 October 2019.
  • Nevertheless, there is still plenty of room for improvement. Construction stakeholders need to become better at utilising the emerging digital solutions to their full potential. For this to happen, th ...
  • Guest blog: Keep it simple... a tech providers perspective

    22 Aug 2018 Graeme Forbes, Managing Director, Clearbox
    As business people, we’re all very aware of the saying 'keep it simple... stupid'. However, in a technology business, the core meaning often gets lost as we get swept along by the excitement of innova ...
  • Speaker Q&A: Carl Veillette - CTIO, BIM Track (2018)

    31 Jul 2018 Digital Construction Week
    Can you tell our readers a little bit about yourself, and your role in the built environment? I’m a BIM, VDC and CIM specialist, with international virtual construction experience. I’m the co-founder ...
  • Guest blog: How can BIM be a Catalyst for intelligent monitoring of Health Care Facilities in Britain? The Dichotomy of Digital vs Operational Model

    04 Jul 2018 Ghasson Shabha - Senior Lecturer, School of Engineering and the Built Environment, CEBE, Birmingham City University (Twitter: @GhassonS)
    Connected sensing technologies intertwined with technological development in smart sensors technologies to monitor environmental conditions, wearable medical technologies, intelligent building managem ...
  • Guest blog: 5 ways to avoid drowning in a deluge of data

    02 Jul 2018 Rob Kalocay – Product Manager, Graphisoft UK (Twitter: @GraphisoftUK )
    Before you disagree, just think about what’s in your attic, garage or cupboards at home. Whenever I ask the same innocent question of my family and friends, I get a gaze full of horror or utter resign ...
  • Guest blog: What Digital Innovations Are Affecting Customer Service In The Construction Industry?

    29 Jun 2018 Kayleigh Alexandra, content writer - Micro Startups (Twitter: @getmicrostarted)
    And while this is giving rise to efficiency improvements, tighter budgets and more consistent construction work, it’s also affecting customer service, which is a big concern in an industry that functi ...
  • Guest blog: What did you say? Language and consistency - Speaking the same language as we move into the future.

    18 Jun 2018 Rebecca De Cicco - Director, Digital Node (@Digital_Node, @becdecicco)
    You said what? Working across different regions of the world is one of the biggest challenges I face regarding the way I communicate, train and educate in the BIM and Digital construction space. Every ...





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