An AI software tool which designs and frames I-joist floors automatically

17 Oct 2019
Tech Stage
Tech Stage

This presentation describes the development of what is believed to be the first Artificial Intelligence software tool to produce structural designs and framing layouts in the wood construction industry.

Cutting edge AI technology has been used by a team of PhD-level researchers from Brainpool Ltd to create a fully functioning automated AI software tool which designs and produces framing layouts for I-joist floors without the need for design technicians. Based on priorities set by the user, the tool can produce framing layouts which either minimise material costs, maximise factory production speed or are the simplest to install on the job site. It presents manufacturers with the opportunity to reduce design bottlenecks, lead-times and overheads, as well as empowering building designers to see directly, at concept stage, what the implications of their design decisions might be on both structural feasibility and likely component costs.

The presentation will include a demonstration of the tool, which is already in use in UK, and will provide details of the compelling business case which led to its development. The tool can link directly to REVIT for its dimensional input and can export its completed floor layout back to REVIT as a full 3D BIM model. In a parallel development, for more conventional 2D building plans, a further AI algorithm is under development which will read dimensional information directly from 2D DWG/DXF drawings or PDF files, as input into the framing tool.

Finally, opportunities are discussed to extend the use of the tool in the US EWP industry, as well as possibilities for the development of similar tools for use by other industry sectors such as CLT, light frame wall construction or floor/roof truss fabrication.


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