Digitalisation as an Opportunity for Sustainable Construction

16 Oct 2019
Construction Innovation Hub
Construction Innovation Hub
The adoption of Industry 4.0 technologies in the construction industry promises to enhance efficiency, quality, safety, and reduce costs. Novel construction projects developed by the Swiss NCCR Digital Fabrication show the potential of combining digital and advanced manufacturing technologies for improving sustainability and productivity in the sector. Performance evaluations of off-site and on-site demonstrators show important environmental benefits and a reduction of construction costs and time in comparison with conventional construction. Furthermore, the digitalisation of the construction sector suggests an evolution of the current structural organisation and skills. Despite recent advancements, the benefits and risks of adopting new digital technologies remain largely unknown. The lack of management tools and standards in the area challenges the capacity of the construction industry to measure performance, set goals and manage changes to make their operations more sustainable. A potential solution is the development of a performance assessment framework based on a hierarchic and multidimensional set of key performance indicators (KPIs). An initial model was developed as part of the CDBB-funded project “From Norm to Swarm: development of a Balanced Scorecard for evaluating Automation in Construction” for the evaluation of automated construction processes. This framework is the starting point of an extended performance framework applicable to a broader range of innovative construction projects, which is being developed by the Whole-Life Performance workstream of the Construction Innovation Hub. The outcomes of this project will help clients, business and policy makers to assess impacts and shape decisions based on whole life value.
Isolda Agustí, Performance Lead at the Construction Innovation Hub - BRE





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