Improving sustainability: Managing readymix concrete in-transit

17 Oct 2019
Innovation Stage
Innovation Stage

Typically the construction industry is behind other industries in utilising technology to improve product quality and delivery.

Opinion and personal judgement are often used to inform decision making at critical process points largely due to the absence of any facts or data.

Using IoT connected sensors, to monitor, measure and manage critical properties, gives visibility of the concrete & truck at all times during the delivery cycle.

Why should we care about this?

Controlling concrete slump in transit has always been an impossible task for the construction industry, as a result multiple trucks delivering to the same site can deliver an inconsistent product.

The readymix industry expends significant resources to produce a well-designed, accurately batched mix. Once the concrete is in the truck and en route all control and visibility ends, the load is susceptible to change over time and from uncontrolled water additions.

Our case studies with concrete producers will show that by managing the concrete slump to a target during the delivery cycle we are able to give all interested parties access to this never before seen data in real time.

This enables improved slump control and removes uncontrolled water additions; mixes can be optimised to meet the same design characteristics at lower cement contents, reducing cost, risk and CO2.


Damian Thomas, Commercial Manager - GCP Applied Technologies UK & Ireland, supporting the VERIFIĀ® and admixtures businesses





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