Protecting your Data; A Layered Approach to Data Security

17 Oct 2019
Innovation Stage
Innovation Stage

With so much business and customer information online in applications and systems, and with more rigorous regulation than ever, data security has never been more important.

In this seminar, Secura’s hosting and security expert Anthony Doncaster will give advice on protecting your hosting infrastructure and business data by taking a considered, layered approach to your security, either in the cloud or on your premises.

The current threat landscape is complex and ever-evolving, with a huge range of different motivations, techniques and technologies behind modern cyber-attacks.

In the first part of the seminar, Anthony will examine the effect real-world security breaches can have on organisations and look at some of the most prominent threats to hosting infrastructure in 2019. This covers a range of online hazards from viruses and ransomware, exploits and complex phishing attacks, right through to insider threats and the issues posed by tougher data legislation

Anthony will then look in detail at some of the most common issues and mistakes that can make your hosting infrastructure more vulnerable to compromise or a data breach. A lack of clearly defined responsibilities for security and poor communication can be just as damaging to the integrity of your hosting as misconfigurations and out of date security patches. Anthony will look at both the technical and management issues that need to be considered to promote good hosting security.

Finally, Anthony will bring all of the discussion points together into a series of practical steps and actions that can be taken to put in place a layered approach to security. This will include some of the advanced security technology you can consider, as well as a series of questions to take away and pose to your current hosting provider (if you host with a 3rd party) to understand what they have in place to promote good cloud security for your platform.

Three Key Learning Points:

  • An understanding of the current threat landscape
  • Common issues and mistakes that lead to security vulnerabilities
  • Practical steps you can take to secure your hosting infrastructure and data


Anthony Doncaster, Hosting and Security Expert - Secura





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