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17 Oct 2019
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Business Transformation

A live interactive case study reviewing what are the essential steps to take and what are the right choices to make when choosing and implementing a cloud platform provider to deliver a fully supported implementation programme?

Baxall Construction’s Managing Director Malcolm Clarke and Andrew Baldwin Pre-construction Manager will be interviewed by myConsole’s CEO Philip Collard.

Together they will explore, uncover and share the lessons learnt (from both sides) of the adoption of the myConsole pre-construction cloud collaboration platform into Baxall Construction, a regional contractor based in Kent.

This is an interactive sofa based conversational discussion reviewing the entire Baxall’s journey from their initial decision making and what factors gave them confidence with the platform and also the proposed implementation process, what was it about myConsole’s behaviours and approaches that helped their leadership board to say yes given they were enjoying good success already so what was about the myConsole’s technology and the promises of and how did the internal champions secure senior management team to commit their team’s time and resources to embed myConsole, a brand new digital start up with a brand new technology platform with a never before seen digital workflow approach, to drive adoption and change across the Baxall business?

Philip will ask Malcolm and Andrew what do they feel are the essential steps to take at set up with their other legacy systems and what did they do to ensure data migration connectivity and how was this deployed? What considerations did they look for to ensure each team received the implementation support required and what are the do’s and don’ts that ensure implementation success? How were the key internal communications managed to ensure that everyone in their team is on board and engaged with their digital change programme.

The promises of new digital are immense so what are the outcomes and worthwhile benefits achieved so far in Baxall and how have their teams taken advantage of the myConsole cloud platform capabilities? What have been the improvements in the overall business performance and what productivity gains have their own leadership and delivery teams experienced?

What do they now see as next steps and what advice would they give the myConsole team on how they can improve their system, support and training programme and what are the overall messages they wish to share with other contractors thinking of using similar cloud platforms to replace existing pre-construction systems?

Philip Collard, CEO - myConsole Ltd
Andrew Baldwin, Pre-Construction Manager - Baxall Construction
Malcolm Clarke, MD - Baxall Construction





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