Collaboration Procurement Methods, the impact of BIM on construction projects

18 Oct 2018
BIM Village
The Information Age or Digital Age is re-shaping the construction industry. As a consequence of the rise of technology and big data, construction standards, processes and policies forming the base of the construction management knowledge are forced to be reviewed, re-evaluated and improved. Building Information Modelling (BIM) has been and still is the buzzword within the construction industry for which every professional relates to when innovation, information or digitalisation in mentioned in the AEC industry. This paper looks at improving collaboration within project teams by investigating new procurement strategies encouraging integration and knowledge sharing. Collaborative procurement strategies are identified and further analysed to understand the characteristics that make them support collaboration but also differentiate one from another. Opinions and experiences from the AEC industry professionals are collected and further analysed to investigate the level of impact a procurement strategy can have on collaboration working and further on BIM processes, policies and technologies. From the information gathered, a new procurement selection framework is developed in this paper, using an existing framework published in BS 8534:2011 as the baseline. This new framework will allow the industry to be more aware of the available collaborative procurement strategies and further support the selection process.





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