Extracting usable FM outputs directly from BIM

18 Oct 2018
BIM Village
BIM Village

"We can use the data in the model for FM purposes" they all say…!  We have all heard about the potential – but what does it look like? How do you actually do it? 

Want to see a working example?

This session will demonstrate how data can be specified, efficiently input, and later extracted to allow PPM (Planned Preventative Maintenance) schedules to be driven straight from the model.

This allows clients to have an accurate usable PPM schedule with their handover set of information, and avoids them having to create their own following a lengthy survey to find out what was actually installed, and how / when their equipment needs to be maintained.

The content is the result of a 6 month trial project that we conducted in an R&D project with BESA to assist with the development of SFG20 exports using IFC. This process does not require the client to have an existing CAFM system already established, or it can interface with an existing system.

Once you see how effective this process is, I would challenge anyone not to want to implement this on their next BIM project - the effort put in, is negligible in comparison to the benefits.

Jason Whittall, Director & Owner - One Creative




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