Joined up thinking

18 Oct 2018
DBE Theatre
Digital Built Environment
As a BIM community, we have developed a set of data management skills and collaborative working strategies, which we can apply beyond the extents of building modelling. The talk centres on how we can use data analytics and collaborative processes in the broader realm of decision making, associated with achieving a Digital Built Britain. How the analysis of data will affect procurement, statutory codes and permissions. If, on an industry wide scale, we reordered decisions, with a set of standards, observing protocols, and we shared to a database, parts of our decision, the extents of our offer and the rules we apply to our pricing or scheduling: Access to this data would front loading the procurement process, so that the whole decision can be informed at every stage. Like the whole of the sector signing up to a dating App. Using this resource, we can filter and analyse the data to suit our purposes, we can report our outcomes, define the data source and the rules applied. Because decisions would be evidenced by accessible data, outcomes can be interrogated checked and adjusted, a live connection to evidence maintained throughout design. We can select our best match stakeholders for the project.
Rosemarie Andrews Bryden Wood Technology




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