Platforms: Bridging the gap between construction + manufacturing

17 Oct 2018
DBE Theatre
Digital Built Environment
It is well known that while construction productivity has been stagnant for decades, productivity in the manufacturing sectors has been steadily rising over the same period. For over two decades Bryden Wood have been working to address this imbalance and understand what 'construction as manufacture' would really look like. In March this year Bryden Wood, with the Centre for Digital Built Britain, published; Platforms: Bridging the gap between construction + manufacturing', building on the ideas set out in 2017's Delivery Platforms for Government Assets: Creating a Marketplace for Manufactured Spaces. The purpose of this document was to describe how a manufacture-led approach to construction is supporting Government's commitments to adopting a presumption in favour of offsite and transforming infrastructure performance. In particular, it set out how a platform-based approach, common in the manufacturing and software industries, is being adopted by the construction sector and the benefits this is unlocking. This session will explain what platforms are and how standardised manufacturing processes can be harnessed to accelerate their adoption. It will then explore how platform-based approaches have transformed other sectors, and what the construction industry can learn from them. Link to Platforms document: https://www.brydenwood.co.uk/filedownload.php?a=360-5aaf9367d5105
Jaimie Johnston, Head of Global Systems - Bryden Wood




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