Too Busy For BIM - Think Again

18 Oct 2018
BIM Workshops
BIM Village
The debate is over - BIM offers our industry the opportunity to collaborate and design more effectively. For this to happen, everybody needs to play their part. Not everyone is as anxious to accept the changes associated with a BIM-enabled workflow. There are several reasons why, but a recurring theme is: "I have enough on my plate already and don't have time for BIM." How do we as 'BIM Believers' help those who aren't willing to help themselves? We need to present the value proposition. The reality is the benefits of BIM can be achieved if project teams take a measured approach to its implementation. It is critical to focus your efforts on tasks appropriate for your level of knowledge, gaining confidence to eventually perform more complex tasks. The ability to perform these tasks efficiently is equally as important, which when working in a team relies on all parties contributing to a common goal. By demonstrating how BIM can become part of a team's daily routine, we can debunk the myth of its implementation being "extra work". Hopefully, this will increase adoption and the desire to utilise new tools and processes to improve our contributions to the built environment.
Joel Martineau, Digital Practice Lead, International - Stantec




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