Using design automation to predict the future of assets

18 Oct 2018
Industry 4.0 Theatre
Industry 4.0
Modern inspection of tunnels is still based on the judgement and biases of tunnel inspectors and engineers. All too often asset owners are trapped by inspection reports giving widely varying judgements on the overall condition of a structure. The use of current technology does provide a solution to these issues freeing asset owners to make maintenance and investment decisions based on a stable and objective interpretation of an assets condition. I will present a framework for undertaking these decisions automatically and objectively. Underlying this process is an automated assessment framework that has been developed over a number of years for assessing a wide range of tunnelled structures of different structural forms and in varying ground conditions. By using the power of design automation different assessment scenarios can be created and rapidly analysed at multiple sections along the length of the structure. Bayes theory can then be applied to all the different scenarios and tested against monitoring and inspection data to find the most likely scenario for each section. This framework will give asset owners unique insights into the performance of their structure, exactly how the structure is performing and how it’s performance is changing with time.
Ian Turner, Tunnel Engineer - SNC-Lavalin




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