• BuildSafe

    Stand: D56
    BuildSafe is the mobile tool for safe and efficient construction projects. We help both contractors and developers to streamline and standardise HSE processes, strengthen relationships with suppliers ...
  • Castbot

    Stand: F36
    We producing CO² less predictive box + Machine Learning Software to avoid human discomfort with cooling system, hot water or elevators stop, 72 hours earlier via sending automatically SMS
  • CAXperts GmbH

    Stand: C75
  • CEMEX Ventures

    Stand: C60,C66
    Launched in 2017, CEMEX Ventures focuses on addressing the evolving pain points across the construction industry, bringing to life sustainable solutions. At CEMEX Ventures, we have put in place an ope ...

    Stand: A4
  • Chime Software

    Stand: A56
    At Chime we want to make data a vital part of construction. For too long productivity in the construction industry has stagnated despite being one of the largest industries in the world’s economy. We ...
  • CIAT

    Stand: F80
  • Cintoo

    Stand: H46
  • CIVIL DESIGNER is an integrated infrastructure design system with modules covering terrain, roads, clean water, foul water and drainage. It offers you the following benefits: The design modules are co ...
  • Clearbox

    Stand: C30
    Clearbox provides leading-edge project information management software for modern BIM-enabled projects, across the entire asset lifecycle. Our cloud-based technology is designed to deliver the right i ...
  • CloudA2Kuk

    Stand: B76
    CloudA2K, part of the RIB Group and a leading Microsoft Partner, specialises in supporting the Construction and Real-Estate industries to help solve their business challenges. From design to delivery, ...
  • Cloudalize

    Stand: F38
    Cloudalize empowers its customers with GPU power on demand so they can run GPU-accelerated applications on any device. Cloudalize’s platform enables on the one hand architecture, engineering and const ...
  • Cyviz

    Stand: B12
    Cyviz is a global technology provider changing the way people work by adding the human aspect to every technical interaction. Cyviz, with 20+ years of experience, brings a new perspective to the digit ...
  • Dalux

    Stand: F44
    Dalux Field is your snagging tool for greater inspection efficiency. Capture and assign issues instantly from your phone and send it to a subcontractor. Dalux Box collects information, files and BIM-m ...
  • Datumate

    Stand: B78
  • Deltek

    Stand: A76
  • Dome Consulting is a consultancy practice providing commissioning management, operation & maintenance and other building services-related roles for the construction and property development industry. ...
  • Donseed

    Stand: E42
    Donseed provide specialist biometric identity workforce management software across a wide range of temporary, mobile and permanent workplaces in the construction industry. Established in 2007, Donseed ...
  • dRofus

    Stand: D44
    dRofus is a unique planning, data management, and BIM collaboration tool. dRofus provides all stakeholders with comprehensive workflow support and access to building information throughout the buildin ...
  • Ecodomus

    Stand: A70
    EcoDomus brings benefits of BIM to facility management, operations and maintenance. Our 3D COBIE-compliant BIM software incorporates real-time operations data and integrates with Facility Management s ...
  • Ed Controls

    Stand: F18
    Work in an organised way and immediately see what needs to be done. Ed Controls, a product of Dutchview, was born on-site when two men joined forces to digitise project communication. Monitor the qual ...
  • Egnyte

    Stand: D14
    A Digital Foundation for Construction Collaboration We provide the tools needed to boost content collaboration and data security at the jobsite - even with slow or inconsistent connectivity. With Egny ...
  • Elecosoft

    Stand: F50
    Elecosoft provides a range of software solutions delivering digital construction throughout the building lifecycle including: project management, property management, costing, timber engineering and C ...
  • Enable My Team

    Stand: B22
    Enable My Team is a construction technology company suppling innovative services to the AEC and maintenance industries, specialising in asset lifecycle management. Whilst our competitors focus on visu ...
  • Enscape

    Stand: F37
    Enscape has a passion for 3D and VR. Our mission is to realistically experience the design of any project ahead of construction. This creates higher confidence and leads to better and faster decisions ...





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