Solving big problems through trusted partnerships with small companies – How Lendlease digitised construction task management in major projects

17 Oct 2019
Main Stage
Main Stage

Large scale Construction Projects require tens of thousands of activities to be executed by twenty and more different trade contractors activity by activity in sequence. This causes huge management efforts to deliver these projects. A key reason for this overhead is the lack of integrated digital systems as day to day operations are still being managed manually with standard tools like scheduling systems or Microsoft Excel.  
Early on, Lendlease identified that Digital Construction Task Management must be handled differently especially during the execution of large-scale developments. A dedicated team was formed to work together in various iterations to develop a comprehensive understanding of the requirements. It was apparent to the business that they wanted to work together with a software partner instead of developing a product on their own in order to reduce risk.  
In their search for a partner, the business found the startup Sablono, who had been working in the field of Task Management in Construction in parallel to Lendlease’s developments. At the time, Sablono had already applied their solution to projects in Europe and the Middle East and had proven the benefit of the solution in complex developments consisting of 100K construction activities and more.  
Lendlease and Sablono have been working in co-innovation for the last 15 months which had been a very valuable experience for both parties: Lendlease was able to receive a solution that was really fit for purpose and grew in use quickly across the business. On the other side, Sablono was tremendously accelerated in market experience and proof of value through a corporate partner with the drive to implement the solution in numerous projects in parallel. 
The result of this cooperation was a platform that will act as the foundation for Construction 4.0 and the use of it will be expanded within the cooperation. Digital Task Management will become a central piece of Digital Delivery in Lendlease. 
This presentation will give insights into how the two companies have worked together and focus on the ingredients of a successful partnership between a corporate and a startup. 


Khuong Lac, Digital Manager - Lendlease
Lukas Olbrich, Managing Director - Sablono





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