Driving value-based procurement, by embracing new digital tools *(Please Note you must Register Separately to attend this session)

17 Oct 2019
Main Stage
Main Stage

Procuring for value- Workshop outline

While many tools and methodologies exist for evaluating the social, environmental and economic impact of the built environment, there is no single assessment tool, which reinforces a holistic value-based approach to procurement.  Until now, that is.

The UK’s largest ever government-backed construction R&D programme, the Construction Innovation Hub, has partnered up with the Construction Leadership Council to develop a digital tool, which will enable outcome driven decision-making in asset procurement.

The tool is initially aimed at making better decisions during procurement, but will also provide the impetus for broader, more coordinated data collection across the sector, providing a framework for assessing asset performance through life.

Through this workshop, we will explore how value-based procurement tools can drive the adoption of a digital manufacturing approach to construction.

Join us for this workshop and be part of the transformation in construction.

Workshop Timings & Schedule

  • 14:30 An introduction to the Construction Innovation Hub - Hub Keith Waller
  • 14:45 Overview of value work led by CLC to date- CLC Ann Bentley
  • 15:00 The wider industry context- ACE Tam Simmons
  • 15:15 Procuring for value- the hub approach- Isolda Agusti
  • 15:15 Workshop- key questions to be answered by each table, broad questions with a scenario to frame discussion
  • 16:15 Feedback
  • 16:30 Reflections, key conclusions & event close







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