Digitising the Built Environment: The Construction Sector Deal (Opening CLC Keynote)

17 Oct 2018

The life of every person in Britain is affected by the construction sector. It is one of our truly nationwide industries – encompassing individual homes in remote areas and some of the greatest infrastructure projects of our generation, in every corner of the United Kingdom. It is one of our major employers, with around 3.1 million people working in the sector, most of whom are outside London and the South East.

The Construction Sector Deal sets out an ambitious partnership between the industry and the government that aims to transform the sector’s productivity through innovative technologies and a more highly skilled workforce.

The construction sector has an important role to play in achieving the vision set out in the Governments' Industrial Strategy: leveraging the CLC’s strategic themes of Digital, Manufacturing and Performance, and focused on three key workstreams:

  • Innovation - Investments in the Transforming Construction: Manufacturing Better Buildings programme;
  • Talent - Developing skills needed for today and tomorrow by reforming the industry’s training and recruitment channels;
  • Lifetime value – developing new business models and procurement routes to improve the performance of the industry for clients and for construction businesses;
  • Exports – establish the UK as a leader in the global infrastructure market.


In this exclusive session the CLC will outline the aims of the Construction Sector Deal and offer a road map to transforming our industry.  It will be Andy Mitchell's first public speaking engagement since being announced as the CLC's new co chair.





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