Tackling Gender Diversity in the Construction Industry

18 Oct 2018
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The construction industry historically has a poor record of achieving gender parity in its workforce. Globally, there is a considerable shortage of the professionals needed to fulfill the demand of growing populations by constructing the buildings and infrastructures we live and work in. This skills shortage could be fulfilled by women, who remain one of the most underutilised business resources. The shortage of women in the construction industry has been investigated extensively by academics and industry practitioners; however, despite this comprehensive research, and the acknowledgment and increased awareness of the issues faced by women in the industry, little has changed over the last few decades. Given the business case for making changes that would increase economic growth and productivity, this session will give an overview of the research conducted by the University of Cambridge. The session will present the barriers to entry for women found in the sector as well as the best practices identified in the industry. Best practice was found in a London based construction company where gender parity has been achieved in an extraordinarily short length of time. Ultimately the session will put forward a practical framework for companies willing to gain benefit from a gender-balanced workforce.
Cristina Savian, Managing Director - BE-WISE




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