Pippa Malmgren

Pippa Malmgren

Co-Founder, H Robotics
I co-founded a firm that provides a stable UAV flying platform, an aerial tool in the sky, that can carry an almost infinite range of multi-role accessories and auto-pilots. This allows it to be a rugged 'Swiss Army Knife in the Sky' which is supported by a Flight Cloud driven by Amazon Web Services data management. Customers choose the capabilities needed. We curate the ever-changing, cutting-edge cameras and sensors but clients are free to choose whatever hardware and software/analytics they need to solve their problems. All the data is automatically tracked and stored in our Flight Cloud which clients access using smart devices through their secure web portal. The two stable platforms, one in the sky and one in the cloud, marry to create a reliable tool for clients called HiSight. We deliver on the Google Map promise by providing HiSight ' an aerial meta-data platform system - that allows companies to see, measure, track and act in 3rd dimension. It gives them reliable, real time, proximate, mixed reality (heli)data from photogrammetry to create orthomosaics to 3D models to real-time collaborative crisis management. The system gives customers sight of their assets and gives them insight about their assets. We are developing mixed and virtual reality applications for boards of directors so that they can "see" their industrial assets from great distances in many different ways. All live and logged data is accessible on smart devices.




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