Rosemary Nunn (Chair)

Rosemary Nunn (Chair)

Founder and Managing Director, I&K, the Innovation and Knowledge Agency

A positive and enthusiastic individual focused on how to get the most out of the knowledge held within an organisation and by it's people, to impact Innovation, Growth and Organisational Development. 

Rosemary‚Äôs experience has focused around helping organisations to curate knowledge and facilitate innovation, improve operational performance and achieve growth targets, via the design and leadership of Knowledge based Programs. 

With a background in Economics, and following an interim appointment at Ernst and Young, her first key role was as the Strategic Economist for the UK Aerospace and Defence Sector, designing and implementing processes to gather, analyse and share sector knowledge.

This experience led to a fascination with the use of Knowledge for Innovation and Growth, and subsequent roles in organizations including Lockheed Martin and Dow Chemical, provided the opportunity to design and deliver strategies to optimize the use of knowledge for both performance improvements and to support Innovation and win new business.

Rosemary joined EC Harris in 2009 to lead the application of Knowledge Management and became the Global Innovation Director for their parent company, ARCADIS, in January 2014. 

After over 20 years specialising in Strategy, Innovation and Knowledge Management, Rosemary has now established I&K, The Innovation and Knowledge Agency. The Agency supports organisations to develop their approach to Innovation, focusing on Business Models, Culture and Process and guides them on how to recognise and leverage their Knowledge assets.

Rosemary acts as a Board Advisor for both the Managing Partners' Forum and Alternative Events around Innovation, Knowledge and Technology.






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