Tim Cole

Tim Cole

Digital Business Advocate, Causeway Technologies
Once described by Construction News and Construction Manager as “the construction industry’s e-Envoy”, Tim is a long-standing advocate for integrated and collaborative working.
Tim has been a leader in promoting, and delivering, digital business for over 25 years - from solutions within UK construction to European and global initiatives.
Tim joined Causeway in 2000 to support the practical delivery of digital business. The resulting Tradex platform now supports over 140,000 companies, who exchange many billions of pounds worth of invoices, orders and other transactions every year.
Tim is an executive member of the European e-Invoice Service Providers Association (EESPA – www.eespa.org) and leads their Interoperability activities. Tim is also a member of the UK National e-Invoicing Forum (UKNEF – www.uknef.org.uk) and, until recently, a Director of the Business Application Software Developers Association (BASDA).
Within EESPA, Tim led the development of the “Multilateral Interoperability Framework Agreement (MIFA)” which will be used across Europe to facilitate interoperability between e-Invoicing service providers. This builds on the previously released “Model Interoperability Agreement (MIA)”, the development of which Tim also led and which is already widely adopted.  During 2018, Tim promoted the principle of a Global Interoperability Framework (GIF), which is currently being reviewed with key US, and EU, associations as a means of accelerating progress to fully digital business models.
In addition to a number of papers, Tim is the author of a management book called “Electronic Communication in Construction - Achieving Commercial Advantage” which was published by Thomas Telford in February 2000, a contributing author to a book called “e-Business in Construction”, published by Wiley-Blackwell, 2008; and has contributed articles and written columns for a range of publications.





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